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Please choose a payment option below. Once your class is paid for, you will receive a confirmation email. Classes are non-refundable.


Spa Bundle Classes

   - Aromatherapy

   - Salt Scrubs

   - Mud Wraps

   - Hot Stone Massage


Medical Massage Bundle Classes

  - Cupping

  - Lymphatic Drainage

  - Prenatal Massage and Postnatal Massage

  - ASIS Stretching

  - Neuromuscular Massage (I, II, III)


Body/Mind/Spirit Classes

  - Reiki 1

  - Reiki 2

  - Reiki 3

  - Introduction to Cuarandismo

  - Tai Chi

  - Ear Candling & Your Well Being

  - Egg Healing and Clearing Your Energies

  - Introduction of Crystals, Pendulums and Other Tools and their Healing Properties


Professional Skills Classes

  - Ethics

  - Building and Marketing Massage Practice

  - Seated Massage as a Tool for Marketing Your Practice


Self -Care Package Classes

  - Stretching and Breathing

  - Self Care and Body Mechanics

  - Meditation As a Therapeutic and Restorative Tool


Advanced Techniques Classes

  - Sports Massage

  - Craniosacral

  - Reflexology for Hands, Feet and Ears


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