-Offering CE classes to Massage Therapists in 6 CE Hour Increments

-All CE classes are affordable and taught by Licensed Instructors


Modules/Bundles for Classes

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Spa Bundle

   - Aromatherapy

   - Salt Scrubs

   - Mud Wraps

   - Hot Stone Massage


Medical Massage Bundle

  - Cupping

  - Lymphatic Drainage

  - Prenatal Massage and Postnatal Massage

  - ASIS Stretching

  - Neuromuscular Massage (I, II, III)



  - Reiki 1

  - Reiki 2

  - Reiki 3

  - Introduction to Cuarandismo

  - Tai Chi

  - Ear Candling & Your Well Being

  - Egg Healing and Clearing Your Energies

  - Introduction of Crystals, Pendulums and Other Tools and their Healing Properties


Professional Skills

  - Ethics

  - Building and Marketing Massage Practice

  - Seated Massage as a Tool for Marketing Your Practice


Self -Care Package

  - Stretching and Breathing

  - Self Care and Body Mechanics

  - Meditation As a Therapeutic and Restorative Tool


Advanced Techniques

  - Sports Massage

  - Craniosacral

  - Reflexology for Hands, Feet and Ears

Spa Bundle

Spa visits generate huge volume and income with world-class therapies available in every corner of the planet. Why not learn how to bring more people into your business by getting trained in a few soothing therapies that can quickly boost your income? All classes will include training in application, safety concerns, contraindications and resources for products and equipment. Our instructors are experienced, fully licensed and our course content is approved by the NCBTMB.



Learn about the most effective essential oils you can use in your massage practice today. Essential oils are dynamic, readily available and easy to use with training. The use of essential oils in your practice can generate additional referral income when your clients experience the calming effects of aromatherapy during their massage. Think of the benefits of a 30-minute leg and foot massage using essential oils! We will discuss safety issues, contraindications and resources so that you can add this therapy to your practice almost immediately.   Register Now >


Sugar and Salt Scrubs:

It’s not as hard as you may think. This course will help you discover the benefits of adding this spa therapy to your business. Learn to determine which component is preferable based on the individual client needs and skin types. We will also discuss where to find products and potentially making your own scrubs for use in your office. Safety issues are always included in this class which include how to evaluate your client for benefits and contraindications.   Register Now >


Mud Wraps:

Mind-body connection and relaxation literally rolled into one package treatment. We’ll discuss the benefits of using different products and what that means for your clients. Additionally, there will be a discussion about fee structures and time allotments for this therapy. Safety concerns, contraindications and equipment shopping are a must see in this class. Why not add this to your current menu of services?   Register Now >

Hot Stone Massage:

If you’ve forgotten about the benefits of hot stone therapy after you graduated or if you’re concerned with using this therapy safely and properly – this class is for you. This will be a technique driven class in which we encourage you to bring your own hot-stone equipment. We will discuss how to use this therapy in multiple ways including on the back and limbs. We will also add a Chinese Meridian therapy protocol. Safety concerns and contraindications will be addressed. Please remember that using this therapy in your office requires additional malpractice insurance.   Register Now >


Medical Massage Bundle

Our Medical Massage Bundle immerses you in learning the techniques that will help you achieve better results in pain relief and increasing your client’s well-being. As you apply these techniques, you’re also helping your client to combat stress and improve their quality of life (QOL). While some of our classes seem to be geared toward specific conditions all of these classes are designed for one reason: to help your client feel better. All classes will include training in application, safety concerns, contraindications and resources for products and equipment. Our instructors are experienced, fully licensed and our course content is approved by the NCBTMB.



Used for centuries in Chinese Medicine, this class will immerse you into using cupping as a massage modailty. Multiple types of cupping techniques can be used however, fire cupping is not legal for massage therapists in the State of New Mexico nor is it covered by malpractice. Don’t get upset – there’s a world of cupping sets and techniques open to you as an LMT. This class will introduce you to these techniques and homework recommendations for your clients. Contraindications and safety will be discussed as well as fee structures for adding this modality to your business.   Register Now >


Lymphatic Drainage

While often thought of as being used in extreme cases of lymphedema, lymphangitis and generalized edema, this class may change your mind on how to apply this technique to treat acute injuries, sinus issues, joint pain and headaches. You will learn the physiology and patterns of the lymphatic system and how to use lymphatic drainage safely and effectively. As always contraindications and safety will be discussed. Open your mind and see how this class can expand your practice.   Register Now >


Prenatal and Postnatal Massage

Working with pregnancy may seem daunting until you’ve worked with mothers. They are so appreciative and love a great massage. This class will discuss all of the contraindications and safety concerns when it comes to pregnancy and post child birth as well as techniques that can keep mothers feeling great. When you help a mom – it makes your heart happy!   Register Now >


ASIS Stretching

Stretching is the most basic component of homework for your massage client. Come and learn not only to help your client but also yourself. Many of these techniques will help your client feel better long after their massage. This can also be an adjunct class our medical massage bundle that will help you boost your business.   Register Now >


Body/Mind/Spirit Bundle

Learning to connect with people and help people heal through the Body-Mind-Spirit modalities


Reiki 1

It’s time to think outside the box when it comes to healing. According to Wikipedia: Reiki is a form of alternative medicine known as energy healing. Reiki practitioners use a technique called hands-on healing through which a "universal energy" is said to be transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the patient in order to encourage emotional or physical healing. Reiki is a wonderful modality to learn when the client may be experiencing emotional pain, discomfort or fears related to undressing for a traditional massage. Reiki is performed with clothing on. Our course will teach students how to connect with and share healing energies with clients. Expect hands-on practice during this class and please wear comfortable clothing.   Register Now >


Reiki 2

Prerequisite is Reiki 1.


Advance your Reiki knowledge and application with our Level 2 course.

Reiki 2 is a continuation of the hands-on healing techniques learned in Reiki 1 with the added use of ancient healing symbols that allow for more intense energies to flow through the practitioner’s hands.  The  student will learn  how to perform long distance healing which can be useful for those clients who cannot be present in your office. A great class that continues the exploration of universal healing energies used in Japan for centuries and enhances the Healer's personal energy field.  Expect hands-on practice during this class and please wear comfortable clothing.   Register Now >


Reiki 3

Prerequisite is Reiki 2.


If you’ve ever considered teaching Reiki and incorporating Reiki energies into your practice, this is the class for you! Learn how to bring both Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 techniques into a complete healing session and be able to share your knowledge and expertise with other practitioners. Learn and understand ancient Reiki symbols and how to bring forth the energies needed to conduct a class and to expand the Healer's personal energy field .   Informative and hands on practice is available.   Register Now >

Introduction to Cuarandismo

Description coming soon


Tai Chi

Description coming soon


Ear Candling and Your Well Being

This course is not ELIGIBLE FOR NCBTMB Approval.


Ear candling (also known as thermo-auricular therapy) is a complementary therapy that aims to clear symptoms such as congestion, inflammation and pain associated with the ear, nose and throat. This modern incarnation of ear candling is based on a technique envisaged by Native American tribes. During this course you will learn the history of ear candling as well as its therapeutic properties, benefits and contraindications. Come and learn this amazing technique for your own health as well as adding it to your list of services.   Register Now >


Egg Healing and Clearing Your Energies

This course is not ELIGIBLE FOR NCBTMB Approval.


Do you suffer from taking too much of your client's negative energies?  This is a wonderful energetic-based course that can be used in your office and at home. Spiritual egg cleansing is also known as “limpia” in Spanish. It is an ancient spiritual healing practice that was commonly used in Mexico and Mesoamerica. It can ease suffering by ridding the body of spiritual, emotional, mental and physical blocks that affect the soul.  During this course you will learn the history, therapeutic properties and hands-on practice of using this technique on yourself and others.   Register Now >


Introduction of Crystals, Pendulums and Other Tools

This course is not ELIGIBLE FOR NCBTMB Approval.


Come learn the benefits and meanings of various crystals and how to use them in your practice.   We will focus on a number of important crystals  that can be used for healing purposes in your office and in your home . Additionally, this course will introduce the technique known as dowsing and how to use a pendulum.  This technique has been performed for thousands of years by scientists, shamans, spiritual and cultural leaders, midwives, and everyday people as a way of gaining knowledge.  If you have ever struggled with what technique or crystal might assist a client or yourself in healing, this is the course for you!   Register Now >


Professional Skills Bundle

Business is for business people – NOT! As entrepreneurs all massage therapists are business people. Come and learn skill-sets that can make you successful in the world of entrepreneurship and small business. We’re all big dogs – we just need a little bit of knowledge. All classes will include training in application, safety concerns, contraindications and resources for products and equipment. Our instructors are experienced, fully licensed and our course content is approved by the NCBTMB.



This will be a roundtable class that discusses scenarios seen in the massage world. We will ask for contributions as time allows. The purpose of the group discussion is to allow our senior massage therapists to contribute what they have learned. Be ready to talk! This class will satisfy your bi-annual license requirement.   Register Now >


Building and Marketing Massage Your Practice

Learning the business curve is so important in order to be successful. There are so many variables and as therapists we often are lost in the world of business because we care so much. Come and learn how to add marketing skills, people skills and business building skills so your office can be successful.   Register Now >

Seated Massage as a Tool for Marketing Your Practice

How can seated massage help you? This is a class for new massage school graduates and also for the veteran massage therapist seeking to increase their income. How can you connect with new clients? Sitting at your office waiting for the phone to ring? M Come and learn how to set up a chair massage event so that you can gain referral clients who can’t wait to see you on your table in your office!   Register Now >

Tax Guidance for Your Business

What can you deduct? What should you deduct? Are you sure? Dispense with using tax programs because they often miss many deductions for your business. This class will teach you how to conserve your business interests so that your taxable income can be reduced.   Register Now >


Self-Care Bundle

How often do healthcare workers neglect ourselves because we are so concerned with caring and helping others? You know that drill yet you just don’t seem to have the time. We can help but YOU have to do the homework! Just as you tell your clients! Don’t ignore yourself. Come and enjoy these classes on self-care. Feel relaxed, feel cared for. All classes will include training in application, safety concerns, contraindications and resources for products and equipment. Our instructors are experienced, fully licensed and our course content is approved by the NCBTMB.


Stretching and Breathing

Description coming soon


Self-Care and Body Mechanics

Description coming soon


Meditation as a Therapeutic and Restorative Tool

Description coming soon


Advanced Techniques

In all honesty all massage therapists need something different to learn. All classes will include training in application, safety concerns, contraindications and resources for products and equipment. Our instructors are experienced, fully licensed and our course content is approved by the NCBTMB.


Sports Massage

Maybe sports is your thing and you want to delve further into the Sport’s teams of Albuquerque: United, Lobo’s, Isotope’s, Gladiator’s? What about our competitive Roller Derby? This class is for you. Learn how to perform deep tissue and stretches in order to help your favorite team. Maybe even joint the team as a massage therapist.   Register Now >



Description coming soon


Reflexology for Hands, Feet and Ears

Description coming soon